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In House bussiness/ help needed........


As you may be aware our breeders program has after a promising start
stumbled a bit of late. Herb Harriss the gentelman who so dilligently got
the program off the ground has had some serious health problems in his
immediate family and has not been able to keep up with things. I talked
with Herb this evening and at this time he wont be able to continue his
work with the breeders program. I'd like to thank Herb for his help and
ask you the readers of this list to consider getting involved in this
unique program. The breeders program was designed to allow conservation
minded aquarist to aquire unique species in trade for their skills in
recording life histories and breeding data. The program was designed to
financially self sustaining but has not met that criteria yet. Anyhow if
you are SERIOUS aquarist who might want o get involved in this program
please drop me an email at robertrice at juno_com to further discuss it.
There is funding avaliable for this project if and I repeat IF we can
follow through on our original goals. Life histories for all NA species
and financial self sufficiency !

Robert Rice
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