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Making odd tanks

  these tanks were custom built for me, but if you have the guts to take
apart a tank and reseal it, I sure don't,  here is an optinion.
Take a tall narrow tank apart.
take what was the front or back panel and cut it to size of the bottom
reseal this on the area that was the top
You will have to make a new frame,if this is perfered,  the guy that
built mine used wood, and coated it with an oil base black paint.
this makes nice "swamp " tanks, as it is low and wide, but may not work
as nicley for a stream tank, unless it  is consideralby long, like a 55
gallon, I think this would make an awesome stream tank,  12" deep X 18"
wide X 48" long.
The bottom structures could be real interesting to create with all that
space.  I like all the benefits of shalow wide tank, but the industry
still cranks out those "show tanks" very little bottom area to work with,
and all that depth kind of a waste if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I'd
get a tank that was 36" deep, if it were 5 foot wide by 12 foot long!
That would weigh a couple of tons empty, if it were glass, and I'd have
to sell the house just to afford a "dream tank" like that.

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