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Re: lists - another idea - ONE list

Does anyone have any problem with us starting to send reminders to violators? 

Initially, I think it needs to be done "on list" to remind our current core
group of this standard until it becomes second nature for all of us to do it.
After it has become a standard procedure, we can send a message privately to
newcomers and repeat violators.

I will be glad to draft a (hopefully) well though out, respectful, gentle
reminder that can be sent on this and other things.  The list administrator
and Robert Rice can be final judge. 

I'm kind of funny about this type of reminder.  I've got a personal rule that
I won't write something that I wouldn't look someone in the eye and say to
their face, so it takes a little longer to draft messages.  I've observed that
even with friends I've know well for over 20 years that e-mails can be taken

Chuck Church