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More list stuff >..:(


The reason for the creation of the sunfish list was/is to create a forum
for people who want to discuss a specific topic and not have to filter
through all the other posts. Ray Wolff with his desire to start the
sunfish sentinel discussion group got this ball rolling but it is / was
inevitable that we would have additional lists. The 500-600 posts a month
tend to be a disinsentive to adding  new members to the list and thus it
cuts down on public education. We  have to many members to stay cozy

Not to be rude because I dont mean this in a negative way if you find 2
or more list to much to follow don't ,  it ok  to not join any of these
sublists. These list were started for folks with a specific interest and
a limited amount of time. If the Sunfishtalk list settles in at 3 posts a
day that will be just fine. The bulk of the chatter and all around
discussion will remain forever on the NFC list. Ocassionally a thread may
end up being cross posted  but as a general rule the big traffic will be
on the main list. The sub lists are for those with a specific interest
and a desire for a lower volume list.......

back to lurker mode......... 

Robert Rice
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