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Oregon killies

Hi all,
    I plan on having my students maintain the banded killies in the classroom. 
 With other killies (Fp. gardneri, Akure) they have watched development of the 
embryo with steriomicroscopes,  watching pigments develop, heart pumping and 
structure development.  We have also keep a database on sex ratios at 
different temperatures of incubation.  It really depends on what areas my 
students get interested in.  I do have a homemade pond in the back yard, 
20'x10'x3' deep. It is planted with cattails, lily pads, mint and other hardy 
plants.  Some could go in there to see how they do there if extra were 
                        Larry Michaels
                Jordan Valley, OR 97910
           Zeb_Cedar_Swamp at msn_com