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Re: Example of How to Join the Sunfish Talk list.......

Drop by the NFC website and hit the green email button on the left side
and you can join on up ...sorry for the screwups here folks. I am new to
the list startup thing. Like a lot of things In Life It wasn't gonna get
done unless I did it so I made the list. Ray Wolff will take over the
list as soon as he gets web access .....I'll get the hang of  things
someday :)

Just think by next year at this time we could have a dozen email lists on
specific topics 
and a few thousand members and a chunk o change saved up for our first
land purchase :)

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998 20:19:08 -0400 (EDT) Mark Binkley
<mbinkley at earthling_net> writes:
>At 06:38 PM 10/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>subscribe Sunfishtalk at listbot_com
>OK, what address should this be sent to?  Sunfishtalk at listbot_com did 
>work.  I can't see a "Join a List" option on their web site either.
>Mark Binkley
>mbinkley at earthling_net		<))><
>Columbus Ohio USA
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