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Re: Oregon Killies

I believe the Banded Killie is an introduced species and is easy to
collect from a variety of places ....Tell us a bit more about your
project plans. Perhaps the nFc could assist ?

On Sun, 18 Oct 98 02:48:51 UT "Larry Michaels"
<Zeb_Cedar_Swamp at classic_msn.com> writes:
>Hi all,
>    I am a High School science teacher and have been using killifish 
>in my 
>classroom.  I would like to start on some native fish, something easy 
>showy, for the kids).  I have been told there is a native Banded 
>over on the Oregon coast, I live by the Idaho border.  Does anyone 
>have any?  
>Will they do well in the classroom?  Any other fish of this area that 
>could suggest?
>     Thank in advance!
>                        Larry Michaels
>                Jordan Valley, OR 97910
>           Zeb_Cedar_Swamp at msn_com

Robert Rice
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