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Blacknose dace???

I caught some fish yesterday and thought I know what I had, the more I look
the less I am sure. Plus three of the four died. Any suggestions?

The more I look the less sure I am that I had Black nose Dace. The body
shape of the fish is more like that of a Chub or Stoneroller. The fish has
black splotches that look just like the spots on an Alabama Shiner (plate
18, Peterson's). The spots are even on the tail fin too. The body is more
like Central Stoneroller (plate 16, Peterson's).  The head appears to be
large, unlike the streamlined dace. Also the fish had just a bit of red near
the anal area.

They were caught in a flowing stream, very rocky. Right now there is very
little water and very little current too. Blacknose Dace (R. A. meleafris
Plate 16) is the closet thing but the head is not right, to small. There was
no where near as much red on the fish but I was thinking that this was
probably breeding colors. The more I look at this fish the less I think that
is what it is. Yet nothing else in the book looks like it! Much less in our

The fish were caught in North Alabama out of creek that flows into the
Tennessee River. Any suggestions would be welcome because I am just not sure
now. Oh yea, the 3 adults died but one very small one appears to be OK and
swimming around just fine.

Jeff <*\\><