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neat site

I just looked at a map that shows a lake in it's death throws. A local lake
that disappeared under a housing development about 5 years ago. A beautiful
round, deep, darkwater, lake. It almost looked like an impact crater from long
ago. It was surrounded by huge cypress trees, the water was almost black as
coffee, In the picture I got from this site it is in the process of being
destroyed. All the cypress have been bulldozed down, the lake is smaller from
being drained. A snapshot in time, a picture of a crime. Now there is a ditch
that drains away the ground water, nice houses all in orderly rows. But no
trace of the lake, gone forever. Sorry to be so down, check out this link, it
is cool. <A HREF="http://terraserver.microsoft.com/">Welcome to TerraServer

                                                            Michael Hissom