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Re: plans

<simultaniously whips Michael, Luke, and anyone else who happens to be
conveinent, with a wet noodle.>

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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On Fri, 16 Oct 1998 Moontanman at aol_com wrote:

> Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 12:00:40 EDT
> From: Moontanman at aol_com
> Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
> To: nanfa at aquaria_net,
    nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: plans
> I can't believe no one has commented on my plans to stock the local power
> company cooling lake with exotic fish, I'm on my way to do it now, you should
> have said something, now it's your fault for not steering me in the right
> direction, later on, got some fish to release. (sorry to the NFC if you
> weren't involved with the last discussion please whip me with a wet noodle,
> but you missed a good one, we're going to terraform Mars!)
>                                                     Michael