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Re: Crawdad Question (fwd)

If there is no water near, suggest that you may have gophers or moles, 
not crawdads.  Easy way to check is to carefully dig down into the hole.  
If it is a crawdad hole, the hole should go straight down, with a 
crawdad at the bottom.  This should only be likely if the lawn is 
extremely wet and there is standing water in the holes.  If it is a mole 
or gopher, there surface hole should connect with one or more horizontal 
burrows within a few inches of the surface, with the ground being dry to 
moist, but no standing water..

If moles or gophers are the problem, there are several ways of getting 
rid of them, including flooding the passageways, using mole traps, etc.  
A local farm supply or gardening supply store should be able to provide 
the supplies and technical assistance.

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>Our yard is full of crawdad holes....there is no water near... how can 
>get rid of these things?  

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