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Re: e-mail

This reply should solve the problem: email address is:

dwightmoody at hotmail_com

BTW, did you get an email from me about trading some goodeids for some 
female gambusia of the local population with black males and maybe some 
other local natives?  The goodeids should be able to tolerate the temps 
of NC as the ones I have are kept in the upper 70's to low 80's.  As 
they come from the highlands of Mexico, lower temps are OK also, down to 
the 60's.

All goodeids have a placenta-like structure that provides oxygen and 
nourishment to the fry, which are born at about 1/2 inch long.  Species 
which I am keeping include:

Ilyodon furcidens (Bass Goodeid)
Xenotoca eiseni  (Red-tailed goodeid)
Ataenobius toweri (Blue-tailed goodeid)
Xenophorus captivus (Green goodeid)

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>Can anyone give me Dwight Moody's e-mail address I have lost it.

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