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Re: Class Project

Dan & Denise Dondlinger wrote:

> Well, kids love tanks.  I would wonder if you couldn't hook up with your local
> aquarium society and get a couple more tanks.  I don't know how much room you
> have. . .
>     We are limited on space. They allready have anphibians, insects, hedgehog,
> ant farm, and other assorted science projects. It was hard to find space for a
> ten gallon.
> ork.  Start with your local aquarium society, I'll bet that there will be
> plenty of people willing to give/loan extra small tanks.  Mine does all the
> time.  Especially for schools.
> Have fun!
> Dan
> ----------
> >         I have a chance to put a 10 gallon aquarium setup in a 6th grade
> > classroom. I would like to make this fun and at the same time educational
> for
> > the kids. I need some help coming up with a goal that these kids could
> > achieve,
> > but not be so scientific that they get tired of it soon. I need some ideas
> and
> > be specific.
> >        What I have considered so far is putting some Gambusia Affinis and
> some
> > Darters in the aquarium and study the interaction between the 2 species.
> These
> > fish were caught within 3 ft of each other at the same time. The Gambusia
> > would
> > also give them the chance to see livebearers having babies. They could also
> > raise the babies.
> > The darters are young and so I do not have a positive ID yet. I have a good
> > idea
> > from what has been taken out in the past. I thought the kids could raise
> them
> > and tell me what kind they are and why they came to that ID.
> >       Another idea that has been proposed was to get some native killies and
> > let
> > them breed and raise them. I am from Indiana and have not captured any
> native
> > killies yet. Been looking just haven,t found any yet. Would like to use fish
> > from the kids own backyard so to speak.
> >    This is the ideas I have right now, but am open to other ideas.
> >
> >       A Fish Addict,
> >        Bill Flowers
> >
> >