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Class Project

        I have a chance to put a 10 gallon aquarium setup in a 6th grade
classroom. I would like to make this fun and at the same time educational for
the kids. I need some help coming up with a goal that these kids could achieve,
but not be so scientific that they get tired of it soon. I need some ideas and
be specific.
       What I have considered so far is putting some Gambusia Affinis and some
Darters in the aquarium and study the interaction between the 2 species. These
fish were caught within 3 ft of each other at the same time. The Gambusia would
also give them the chance to see livebearers having babies. They could also
raise the babies.
The darters are young and so I do not have a positive ID yet. I have a good idea
from what has been taken out in the past. I thought the kids could raise them
and tell me what kind they are and why they came to that ID.
      Another idea that has been proposed was to get some native killies and let
them breed and raise them. I am from Indiana and have not captured any native
killies yet. Been looking just haven,t found any yet. Would like to use fish
from the kids own backyard so to speak.
   This is the ideas I have right now, but am open to other ideas.

      A Fish Addict,
       Bill Flowers