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Re: Innovative use of Goldfish

Hi there

In some deep rural regions of Venezuela, where pipe water access is
rare, and the people need to store freshwater in barrels because they
are far from rivers or creeks, i've seen they use a bunch of small
guppies, so they can clean the water from mosquito and other bugs'
larvae. I think the main possible drawback is inadvertedly swallowing a
bunch of guppies. Anyway, it's harder to swallow a goldfish by
accident!!! :).

A question: and what about the . . . (gulp!) "gifts" they leave on the
water?. Even with filtration, i wouldn't call it "FRESHwater", but
"TOILETwater". At least, guppies make smaller ones :). 


Sajjad Lateef wrote:
> The people catch rainwater runoff into tanks. However, bugs can take over
> the water tank and render the water useless. So, Bermuda'ians have been
> adding goldfish to their water tanks to take care of the bugs.