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since its slow i'll stick my neck out and babble for a minute.

we just got our FIRST rain since june here in gladeville. our pond is down
almost 4' in depth. i got a chance to observe the bluegill and sunfish
breeding pits firsthand and it was fascinating. i have spent several
afternoons in the past few weeks looking around the dried up, non muddy,
pond bottom. the largest area was laid out like a honey comb. very orderly,
one pit after another. i have been watching bream for a long time and this
was really cool.

we still have about 5' in the deep end which is about 100' in diameter and a
couple of feet of shallow for the smaller fish which are right now ranging
from 1" to around 3". My granddaddy taught me about bream when i was a kid
and i've been a huge fan of them since. We fish occasionally. It is a
success pond for beginners and i encourage my friends with young kids who
like to fish to bring them out here for an early on fishing experience where
one is guaranteed of hooking (barbless) a lunker bream. the kids are then
given a lesson in conservation and gentle handling and proper release.

it rained day before yesterday and put a half inch in. we're on a plateau
200' above nashville between the stones river and the cumberland and usually
the moisture follows the rivers below. when the weather hits tornado status
then we might see some rain but half the time it comes through sideways
disguised as hail.

i'd like to meet robert rice someday if he's ever passing through this way
in his travels but in the meantime i appreciate getting this NFC email. one
of these days maybe i can make a contribution but until then you can count
me in the numbers.