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Fw: Great Story!!

Please reply to Eric and the list............

Robert Rice
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Subject: Great Story!!
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Dear Mr. Rice.

I enjoyed your story on the Fox Den Lake.   I live just down the road
you in the Willow bend subdivision in Ft. Walton.  I work on base for
and have several fresh water aquariums. Sense last year I've really
to do my homework on freshwater fish. I and was lucky to start with a
friends aged tank and have never had a problem with my tanks.  I still
my fingers crossed.  I 've been trying to consolidate all my pumps and
filters down to one or two and still keep all the tanks separate. I
if you had any input on the subject.  I would also like to stop up
and take a look at the lake.  We come out to Navarre quit a bit to see my
girlfriends sister of HW87.

Thankyou for your time.
Eric Bowman  bowmanej at eglin_af.mil

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