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Fw: native fish!!!!!! =] [ MY PRESPECTIVE]

FYI folks we are reaching them............

Robert Rice
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Subject: native fish!!!!!! =] [ MY PRESPECTIVE]
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 I recently read your article TFH , I really enjoyed it and I think we
try to protect those little dithes that dont seem important , but
they are because some day  those  little dithches and their inhabitants
be able to be seen  in real life and only in books .
It really does show how little people know about their native wildlife
as I was growing up I always thought those ''Gambusia affins'' , ''
goodie '' and ''Florida flag fish'' were just another ''minnow'' in my
pond but as an aquarist your eyes some how brodan in to bigger
prespective and
you realize that those fish have a purpose besides ''bait'' fish and you
realize their beauty for what their worth and I already realize this as a
year old aquarist


Joel Toledo, 14 , Naples , Fl

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