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Re: Collecting in Georges' Aftermath

>I'm not sure about the identity of my "F. notti".  I only collected 2, and
>neither has any vertical barring.  Is this sexual dimorphism? Regional

Never collected notti, but the closely related F dispar has vertical
barring on the males only.  The females have horizontal rows of fine

>I found that the fishing was a lot easier on Sunday than on Friday, as the
>pools had evaporated to about 1/3 of their size.  I doubt if they are
>still there, but I assume that the same fish would be swimming in the bay

Is the bay salt, brachish or fresh?  All of those species are restricted to
fresh water except maybe Lucania parva.  Interesting to consider how
habitats may become populated during catastrophic events such as this.

Mark Binkley
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