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Re: DP Collecting On Federal Land Alert

Thanks Luke.  I'll try that,  

My real goal (besides ducking what I think is an unfair fine) is to get them
to sufficiently post where it is legal to fish and where it is not.  While the
enforcement officer was as professional and as nice as she could be, I suspect
that she had watched me for a while, including when I pulled my rod and
fishing gear from the car.  I was only 100 feet away from the road and on my
second cast when she showed up.  If she had been watching me and the real goal
was to prevent fishing, she had time to pull up and warn me.  Her showing up
that quick and what I consider to be insufficient notice leads me to think
that part of the plan is to harvest fines.  I intend to use the Freedom of
Information Act to see if that theory is supported by their internal

Thanks for your help and support.