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Hybrid sunnies

I have caught quite a few sunnies and tried to ID them and move the ones
(long ears) I wanted to a tank, now that they are getting bigger I notice
that my largest one turns out to be a cross with a long ear and ?? Does
anyone else notice this a lot? I am beginning that think that hybrids are
not that rare. At first I thought it was rather rare and now I am beginning
to wonder!

The other think I notice is that this fish seems to grow faster than the
others. Maybe it is because he is cross breed with a larger fish than a Long
ear? This is the second one that I have had grow really fast and turn out to
be a hybrid. Most all these fish started out as nickel sized fish and this
one is now 3-4 time the size of his tank mates. Very aggressive at supper!
The others seem to be growing normally. Well except one and I bet he turns
out to b hybrid too!

Just looking for thoughts here.

Jeff <*\\><