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Re: DP Collecting On Federal Land Alert


The only experience I've had with collecting on National Land was in the
Mingo Swamp in Missouri and I checked at the Nature center first and found
that state rules applied.  I know that postings are frequently inadequate
especially when you try to decipher them.

Dave Hall

> From: CEFCHURCH at aol_com
> To: nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: DP Collecting On Federal Land Alert
> Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 7:38 PM
> Earlier today I stopped by Muscatatuck National Refuge in southern
Indiana to
> throw in some minnow traps and fish at a site I had been many times
> Unknown to me, fishing was prohibited in all but a few spots in an area
> covered with streams, wetlands and ponds.  The ticket will probably be
> $125.  They mail them. The female enforcement officer was very nice but
> that the property manager's policy was no exceptions. I was my normal
> courteous self.  When she walked up, I figured for the third time in my
> an enforcement officer just wanted to check my license. BTW, I was in
> view of a road traveled every several minutes by uniformed site employees
> marked vehicle.  I was clearly not hiding my activity.
> The only signs in an area of 100s of acres was a relatively small one at
> of the two entrances.  No other signs were posted that I observed.  I
> looking for them after being ticketed.  There were also brochures
available if
> you stopped at the nature center.  I went and spoke to the assistant
> manager and she stated that the signs they have are adequate. 
> My first reason for bringing this up is that others besides myself may
not be
> aware that once on federal land, apparently all the rules change.  There
> few federal sites in my state, so I was unfamiliar with the new set. 
> you may not bring firearms on to the site even if they are unloaded,
> down and cased in the trunk of your car - in spite of the fact you may be
> licensed by the state to carry a concealed weapon.) 
> My second reason is that I need a little help.  I must respectfully
> with the person who stated that there was adequate signs.  I am usually
> observant of what is around me and have been to the site a few dozen
times.  I
> had never noticed the signs nor have any of the people who were with me.
> Hiking is allowed in most places at that site, but areas that are "off
> are very well marked.  Everywhere else I go in Indiana that the State DNR
> prohibits activities, it is clearly marked by signs.  (I understand these
> two different agencies: state and federal.)    
> For those of you that have more experience visiting federal areas, do
> normally have what a normal person would consider adequate signs?
> Any thoughts, comments, or help appreciated.  
> Chuck Church
> CEFChurch at aol_com
> Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-2067
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