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    Below you will see a page from aquatic-eco systems catalog.  This is
the best dipnet I have ever had the pleasure of using and as soon as I
win the lottery I will buy one :) Seriously, its well worth the money
and if you collect very often or have to fly to your collecting
destination this is the net for you!    The 42 inch handle is more than
adequate for my purposes.

             This could be the last dip net you'll ever have to buy! The
se EXTRA heavy-duty triple-reinforced aircraft aluminum dipnets are the 
finest in the aquaculture industry. Lightweight, yet strong, 13/8" handle
es are painted with a strong binding green paint and plugged for flotati

A plastic guard laced around front and sides of the 17-1/2" frame provid
es protection against abrasion. Bags are made of non-abrasive Atlas knot
less nylon with flat bottoms for easy fish removal. Handles attach to th
e frame head by a heavy-duty snap button coupler for quick change or bre
akdown. Order handles separately. Replace net protector each time net is
Made in USA.

PART      BAG                        SHIP   PRICE   QTY.   REPLACEMENT  
NO.    DESCRIPTION     DEPTH  MESH    WT.   EACH    PRICE      BAG      
DN1  Frame & Net Only   12"   1/4"  3 lbs. $101.90  $96.80/3+  DN1R    $
17.40 $16.50/3+
DN2  Frame & Net Only   18"   3/4"  3 lbs.  109.00  103.50/3+  DN2R     
23.85  22.65/3+
DN3  Handle,3-1/2'       -     -    1 lb.    25.90   24.60/3+
DN5  Handle,5'           -     -    2 lbs.   39.60   37.60/3+
DN6  Repl.Coupler        -     -    1 lb.    19.90     - 
DN1P Net Protector       -     -    1 lb.     8.05   7.60/6+