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Re: dip nets: reply, 1 source, how would you design the perfectdip net contest

Sounds interesting, I would like my nets to be "D" shaped 24"X18" 1/8" mesh,
black, 24" deep. poles in screw together 3' sections. Light weight but strong
especially at the point where the nets attach to the poles. I would like a
large round head 24" across 3' deep, three different meshes 1/4," 1/8," and
the same mesh as the white fine mesh netting that is being sold on small nets,
makes for great plankton net. would like plankton net to be 4' long and have a
3.75 inch hole in bottom of net (doubled seam for strength) I have tupper ware
spaghetti jar that would make the perfect plankton bottle. I have been making
nets out of window shear material, If more people that keep fish collected
marine plankton to feed thier fish or freshwater daphnia in ponds you would
sell a lot. I do both and my saltwater tanks glow in the dark with
bioluminescence, a great many animals come in as plankton. Makes for some
great live rock.