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Re: dip nets: reply, 1 source, how would you design the perfectdip net contest

Here's my two cents worth...

> Here are a few things off the top of my head we need parameters on:
> - length of handle

....adjustable, 4 to 8 ft.

> - metal or wood

....metal, lighter and more durable IMHO

> - extendable handle or screw together sections

....both, (why not?) extendable to "X" inches, then add more as you need.
but if it's one or the other then screw on sections.

> - width and height of net opening

....approx. 18 inches by 15 inches.

> - round or "D" or square shapes

....you need both on this one as the area can determine the best shape.

> - depth of net

....approx. 24 inches.

> - what material to make net out of

> - what size(s) of mesh

....fine, able to catch a 1/2 inche minner or darter.

> - removable heads (perhaps have different heads to change for different
> collecting      needs)       

....See above comments on shapes. removables would be ideal.

> - price range you would be willing to pay for a quality net

....guaranteeit to last up to 5 years and I'd drop  up to $75 bucks for
one...but I don't know the going rate on quality dipnets.

> - weight considerations

....the lighter the better, hurts the shoulders to use and carry if too
heavy. But has to be able to stand a "power scoop" through heavy weeds.

Luke McClurg