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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:58:41 +0530
From: meetingpoint <meetingpoint at mtgpoint_com>
To: fishfoods at bio-aquatics_com

Subject : Request for Appointment to visit and Guidance to
               implement project/s regarding Conservation and
               Awareness of Aquatic life.

Honourable sir/madam,

I am taking this opportunity to introduce the "Society for Conservation
Awarness of Aquatic Life, Chandigarh" (S.C.A.A.L. Chandigarh). We are
a group of volunteers working for conservation and creating awareness of

Aquatic Life in and around Chandigarh. It is a non-profit taking
society with a singular aim to create awareness amongst the students and

public at large by organising educational projects about Aquatic
and Schools.

The Society wishes to enlarge its scope by seeking affiliation with
similar groups
and gain from their rich experiences in the vast fields of conservation
of nature
in its all forms. The mutual exchange of ideas and experience, will be a
towards greater attainment of nature conservation, Aquatic life being an
element of the same.

In keeping with our aspirations towards Aquatic Life Conversation the
seeks your guidance to implement projects which are in the planning
We will feel honoured and extend our helping hand to you in conservation
nature and be your representatives in Chandigarh,  Union Territory.

Further, a delegation of our Society has planned to visit The United
States of
America (U.S.A.) in Nov/Dec. 1998. The purpose of visit to similar
is to exchange the views on Aquatic conservation and completion of
Aquatic Zoo
(Fresh Water Aquariums)  in world famous ROCK GARDEN of Chandigarh a
heritage created by Padam Shree Nek Chand. Much of the products are to
imported from USA (very soon society is getting exemption on import
Society is in advance stage  with Chandigarh Administration (Govt. of
in assigning the project.

Kindly send us your convienient meeting dates to facilitate our schedule
in USA.
We highly solicit any further query regarding the project from your
Looking forward for an early reply.
Thanking you,
Sincerely yours

Founder President
Society for Conservation And Awareness of Aquatic Life
# 2269, Sector 21-C, Chandigarh (UT) India
Email : meetingpoint at mtgpoint_com

PS : 1. Appointments with :
Dec -10  Mr. Seth Kolker, President,Brookyln Aquarium Society NY.
Dec-11  Visit at Public Aquarium at NY.
Dec-12  Visiting Nagaura Aquarium.
Dec-13 Visiting 'Washington DC.
Dec-15 Mr. John Tullock, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Dec-20 to Dec-30 In California.

2.   Got your ref. from FAMA August 1998 issue.
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