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Re: Rainbow shiner

Well I was wrong :) I sheepishly realized I  looked at the wrong map...:)
How about we back this up and ask you Missisippi folks what kind of
species can I expect on a trip to your great state and would any folks
like to be my guide ? I also wonder do Alabama folks have good spots for
Rainbow shiner ....RR sheepishly hides back in his cave stricken with his
humanity :)

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:22:02 -0500 (CDT) David A Zitnik
<daz1 at Ra_MsState.Edu> writes:
>I came across the same conclusion when looking at my maps.  If the 
>comes up with no leads, let me know, and I will check with some of my
>professors in the Wildlife and Fisheries Dept. at MSU.
>On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, D. Martin Moore wrote:
>> > I'll be heading up north in Oct and am interested in collecting 
>> > Rainbow Shiners (N. Chrosomos) in Missisippi . If I could 
>incorperate it
>> > into a visit with the Natchez Trace state park I'd be 
>there.:)..Any help
>> > outhere on locations, how this species does in an aquarium , 
>> > etc.................TIA
>> Robert,
>> >From my distro maps they don't occurr in MS, but I'll ask my 
>> at the museum if they've come across any.  Will you be traveling in 
>> my neck of the woods??
>> Prost,
>> Martin
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