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Re: Signed%20Guestbook (fwd)

Sorry I do not have any information at this time. However, I am interested
in learning more about this project. Please contact me by e mail. Thank

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:

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> Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 20:45:12 EDT
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> Subject: Signed%20Guestbook
> I have forwardedyour note to the email list for further
> discussion..............
> Comments: We have a project for the purpose of creating a secondary refuge for
> native Illinois E and T species. I'm interested in getting ecologicial
> information on the Blackchined shiner, Blacknosed shiner, Banded killifish,
> Starhead topminnow, Iowa darter, Pugnose minnow. in addition I'm interested in
> finding someone who has done culture of any of these species. Thanx for any
> help you may be able to give us. This is the first project of it's kind in
> Illinois.