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Re: Live food Culture

Good idea for the gammarus and mosquito larvae, but I have noted that 
the gammarus will capture and eat small daphnia, so your production of 
daphnia may be significantly reduced.  OK if you want to raise gammarus, 
but a problem if you intend to raise daphnia.  Suggest a similar setup 
for daphnia only.

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>Set up a 30 gallon thermal stryo in my veggie garden today / Filled it 
>with lake water from my lake and water from the 10 aquriums I broke 
down and
>cleaned..............put some scuds in there fom my gainsville trip and 
>to add daphna this week along with the soon to be there mosquito
>larvae..............ALL THIS for the soon to be aquried pygmy sunnies 
and the
>like in my garage  tanks....think this will work ?

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