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Re: Three-spine sticklebacks and other folk

The unarmored threespined stickleback is found in Southern CA not Northern
CA so there is no danger in collecting the endangered species.
Dave Hall
> From: Norman Edelen <normane at edelendoors_com>
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> Subject: Re: Three-spine sticklebacks and other folk
> Date: Sunday, September 27, 1998 12:00 PM
> Hello Kathleen,
> I would be very careful when collecting stickleback in California, as
> is an endangered subspecies there.  Perhaps you should research that
> venturing forth to collect more.  You might be collecting a hefty fine as
> well.
> Norm
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> From: Dale Dodson <dale at internet-frontier_net>
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> Date: Thursday, September 24, 1998 12:09 AM
> Subject: Three-spine sticklebacks and other folk
> >Hello folks,
> >     I've started out my native fish adventure with three refugees from
> >a dried-up creek in Northern California.  I've decided two of the fish
> >are three-spine sticklebacks.  The third is currently a mystery.  The
> >person who saved it sniffed 'squawfish', but the mouth faces downwards
> >more like a suckerfish.  It's only an inch long so I guess I'll have to
> >wait.  The three fish currently share a 55-gallon for now.  My question
> >is really about the sticklebacks.  I have been feeding them frozen brine
> >shrimp and glass worms.  The larger one spends most of his time pounding
> >the snot out of the smaller one.  They both have developed nice
> >rosey-colored breasts so I believe they are both males.  Are they so
> >territorial that they cannot share a 4-foot long tank?  Is there
> >anything I can do the allieviate the situation like add more objects or
> >plants?  I would like to add females next year(if I can find them).  Has
> >anyone had success in keeping sticklebacks?  Thanks.
> >-Kathleen