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Re: Our Presidents message

Thanks for  the support,

I believe that many aquarist will join the NFC because of the lure of 
donated fish or access to native fish. However our job as an organization
is to turn them into   conservatinist. If the passion of the millions of
aquarist out there was turned to a conservation agenda WOW what a world
it would be. ! Aqurist spend  Annually more on their hobby  than
fishermen and hunters combined. If the NFC can turn  a small % of that
money to GOOD projects it would make a BIG difference.

Sadly Unless some organization fills in the gap with legislative input.
Recreational collecting may be a thing of the past in many states. Then
the millions of aqurist and their buying power would be locked out.
However with recreational collector stamps and darter dollar checkoffs
millions of Aquarist with their tremendous buying power can be a nice
addition to our conservation efforts.
Please keep in mind  that the NFC takes a real world,  broad approach. We
encourage naturalist, aquarist, fishermen or anyone else  with has a
passion for natives to get involved.So as long as there is common ground 

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:28:41 PDT "Dwight Moody" <dwightmoody at hotmail_com>
>Congratulations on the excellent article in FAMA, Robert - haven't 
>the TFH article yet but expect it to have a major impact.
>BTW: as one of the BP members that is overrun with Heterandria formosa 
>(BP registered fish) and Creek Chubs, just let me know what new 
>want for fish and I can drop ship them, along with a copy of Mark 
>Binkley's fact sheet on how to care for/euthanize fish. 
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