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Re: Conservation Question

I think that is becoming one of the clearest goals of future projects. A
simple adopt a stream approach. With an eye on the need of the native
fish.......///////back to lurker mode/

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998 22:38:15 EDT Phylesis at aol_com writes:
>			Here in South Florida most, about 98% of the 
>waters, are canals. Most are
>in very close proximity to roads and highways and are therefore filled 
>all manner of ditritus, tires, plastic bags,paper, ect. Cleanup 
>projects would
>be the most helpful here. IMHO    However, while in Orlando, a city 
>with many lakes, I found a most amazing thing has occured. The city 
>undertaken a massive project, reclaiming the lakes of the city by 
>them heavily with all manner of marsh and aquatic plant life as 
>barriers to
>the polluting runoff from the from adjacent residential and buisiness. 
>I found
>this has occured with every lake I visited within the city limits. One 
>had actually been sectioned off by short walls with water flowing from 
>section into the other in a string, so that the final stage of this 
>system is
>a clear, clean lake. A most amazing and inspiring effort to restore 
>habitat in a dencely populated little city. Just thought I'd 

Robert Rice
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