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Re: Conservation Question

			Here in South Florida most, about 98% of the waters, are canals. Most are
in very close proximity to roads and highways and are therefore filled with
all manner of ditritus, tires, plastic bags,paper, ect. Cleanup projects would
be the most helpful here. IMHO    However, while in Orlando, a city spotted
with many lakes, I found a most amazing thing has occured. The city has
undertaken a massive project, reclaiming the lakes of the city by planting
them heavily with all manner of marsh and aquatic plant life as barriers to
the polluting runoff from the from adjacent residential and buisiness. I found
this has occured with every lake I visited within the city limits. One lake
had actually been sectioned off by short walls with water flowing from one
section into the other in a string, so that the final stage of this system is
a clear, clean lake. A most amazing and inspiring effort to restore freshwater
habitat in a dencely populated little city. Just thought I'd share............