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BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Admin request: /^subject:\s.*\bchange\b.*\baddress\b/i (fwd)

Uhg, dumb Majordomo. :)

J. L. Wiegert
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Subject: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com:  Admin request: /^subject:\s.*\bchange\b.*\baddress\b/i    

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Subject: Temp Change of address
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Hi Folks,

Hopefully the volumes of spam I have been getting will clear up in the next
week or two, but I find it too much to handle when I get 50 or more spams in a
day just because someone decided to post my email address to the newsgroups,
even after I politely asked that this not be done. The best intentions and all

At any rate, this is my new temp email address as far as this list is
concerned for the time being. My old address may get cleared up in the near
future, you can try it to see, but there are heavy spam blokers installed on
it now, and not all ISP's will get through. Sorry for having to go to this,
but no way around it on my end, since the damage is already done, the spammers
have my old address on their list of targets.

Of course for some people this spam stuff is no big deal, but being subscribed
to as many lists as I am, it becomes significant in short order to unsubscribe
and then resub to over 150 lists.


Herb Harris

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