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Re: Live food Culture

Boy, I hope so.  It's ot that different from how I will handle the fish
you're sending me.  Getting a couple of D. magna started to go with vinegar
eals as their main food.

BTW: Will you be able to get brown darters?


At 12:45 AM 9/21/1998 EDT, you wrote:
>Set up a 30 gallon thermal stryo in my veggie garden today / Filled it half
>with lake water from my lake and water from the 10 aquriums I broke down and
>cleaned..............put some scuds in there fom my gainsville trip and hope
>to add daphna this week along with the soon to be there mosquito
>larvae..............ALL THIS for the soon to be aquried pygmy sunnies and the
>like in my garage  tanks....think this will work ?