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Margined Madtoms

My daughter and I were out on the North Branch of the Susquehanna today.  We
were kicknetting(she's a pretty good flusher despite being only two) very
shallow(6") riffles with lots of grass in clean gravel.  Each clump of grass
seemed to contain 5 or 6 baby channel catfish.  All returned, I know what
those cute little guys will grow into in six months.  Also caught large
numbers of darters which I believe were Tessellated Darters and several
Margined Madtoms, all returned.

Does anyone have experience keeping Margined Madtoms?  How would they do in a
community tank with various shiners, dace, darters, and suckers?  I have read
that max. Size is about 5.5 inches.  This seems large enough to eat many of
the smaller residents at night.  I had a 1.5 " yellow bullhead that grew to
about 8" in six months while cleaning out a 75 gallon tank of all shiners,
snails and crayfish.
Any advice/suggestions would be welcomed.

Point of Rocks, MD and
Danville, PA