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Cheat minnow

Jeff,  you wrote 
<<We just got back from the Cheat River area. Checked out the river between
the tail water of the dam and confluence with Monogehela River. Rocks stained
red either by acid mine drainage or maybe high levels of natural acidity. I'm
told that the headwaters of the Cheat have lots of peat bogs draining into

The Cheat river is terribly polluted by mine acid drainage from Albright WV
downstream.  The river is in good shape(at least pH is ok) from headwaters
down to Albright.  I am not familiar with range/habitat requirements of the
Cheat Minnow, but I would guess that if it is at all acid sensitive, you
should start looking upstream of Albright, about 50 minutes south of Cheat

Would you expect to find this fish in the main stem of the river or in side
streams? Riffles or pools?

I am fairly familiar with the Cheat drainage(whitewater boating, not
collecting) so I could probally point you in the right direction.

Dave Hough
Point of Rocks, MD
and Danville, PA