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Re: Posting the NFC Digest

On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, John M. Burns wrote:

> >	I suggest that the email addresses in the digest be changed a bit
> >(obfuscated). I can write a short program that will obfuscate any email
> >addresses in the NFC digest.
> So how will those of us non-spamming NFC members get in touch with each
> other directly if the e-mail address is altered or deleted?  I just joined

	The addresses will not be altered on the list messages that come
directly to your mailbox. The addresses will be changed only before
posting to Usenet Newsgroups. 

> touch with members.  Sorry to hear the spammers are getting you.  I'm on 5
> lists now and haven't sufferred that fate.

	I am on many lists (mostly work/school related) as well. The spam
does not orignate from the lists (the list owners are usually wise to the
ways of the spammer). The spam originates from newsgroups.

	Have you received any unsolicited messages to buy stuff or else
visit an adult web site? If so, you have been spammed. 

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