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Re: Posting the NFC Digest

I think I'd better clarify what I think is going on... hopefully, I'm not
confusicated too. :)

The list is currently available in two forms.  The first is NFC at actwin_com
This is a send 'em, receive 'em type list.  That is, I send a message, you
get it.  A machine also gets it.  This machine compiles all the messages
on list.  When they reach a given size, or once a day, whichever comes
first, they're sent out to all the members on the NFC-Digest list as one
message.  (That is, rather than get ten messages, they get one message
containing all the data in theten.)
The NFC Digest is being sent to certain newsgroups.  Apparently, spammers
are using it to get e-mali adresses.  The list memebers, both NFC and
NFC-Digest, are apparently getting spammed now.  
  As to a list "directory" that is available by computer.  The computer
keeps track of everyone on the list, and compiles their adressees, its
what it uses to send out the mail.  These are, of course, e-mail adresses.
Send a message to Majordomo at actwin_com with the command "who nfc" in the
body.  If they're on the digest form, you'll need "who nfc-digest" in the
  While I'm at it:  If you'r einterested in joining the Digest rather than
this method, heres how:
send mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the following in the body:
unsubscribe nfc
subscribe nfc-digest
To switch back
subscribe nfc
unsubscribe nfc-digest

Thats it. :)
J. L. Wiegert
Come Chat at SomeThing Fishy         Visit my webpage at:
Telnet to:
nexus.v-wave.com, port 7000.
NFC at actwin_com List Administrator.  To Join the Native Fish Conservatorys
(NFCs) mailing list, send e-mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the command
subscribe nfc in the body.  To leave, use unsubscribe NFC.  The list is
now available in digest form.  To join/leave the digest list, replace NFC
with NFC-Digest.   Visit NFCs Web Page at:
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!

On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, John M. Burns wrote:

> >	I suggest that the email addresses in the digest be changed a bit
> >(obfuscated). I can write a short program that will obfuscate any email
> >addresses in the NFC digest.
> So how will those of us non-spamming NFC members get in touch with each
> other directly if the e-mail address is altered or deleted?  I just joined
> and don't even know if there is a directory of members, but if there is, it
> sounds as though the membership is increasing too fast for any printed
> directory to keep up.  I have used the list addresses to get in direct
> touch with members.  Sorry to hear the spammers are getting you.  I'm on 5
> lists now and haven't sufferred that fate.
> --John