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Re: Invisible Albino Flagfin Shiners?

Robert's been known to see things now and again but he's usually
trustworthy....I say usually.

> From: David Jones <davecjones at webtv_net>
> To: nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: Invisible Albino Flagfin Shiners?
> Date: Saturday, September 19, 1998 6:30 PM
> All I wanted to do after a hard days work was kick back with my Boston
> Market entree with the three sides, relax, and check the NFC posts; see
> if mysterious Ellasoma-person  had revealed more knowledge of self,
> brown darters, etc.  Ahh, there it is, "Ellasoma @aol.com RE: Floridian
> Biotope Aquaria/Albino Shiners?"  Press of a button and the next thing I
> know is my Melanotaenia trifasciata 'Wonga Creek' rainbow juviniles are
> going into a feeding frenzy on spewed ham and I'm choking on what can
> only be described as... a piece of rice.
> Well, Robert, that was quite an introduction, although I'm just not sure
> I could handle an intimate relationship with someone who has a multiple
> personality disorder!  (I have a difficult enough time caring for my own
> selve{s), let alone caring for you as a person{s).  
> Thanks, Sajjad, for your positive comments and for holding out on the
> clearing up my confusion, it was perfect.  With Robert being such a
> hotdog, guess that explains why he has to spend a least half his
> daylight hours in the water!  Maybe he could cut it down to 3 hours per
> day if he went in without waders, whatta think?   Naaw, then he wouldn't
> ve have as many nice fish to keep us unlucky types supplied with.  
> BTW, he claims he can supply me with Brown Darters and Flagfin Shiners,
> claims they look real nice, healthy.  Can he be trusted?  I'm not about
> to place an order with him until I can verify his claims from others on
> the list who may or may not have received his fish.  He sent me  the
> enclosed photo of a Floridain Seep "loaded" with  Invisible Albino
> Flagfin Shiners in the water about four feet from where he claims he
> took the picture.  Anybody else out there had dealings with this guy(s)?
> Talk to me.  
> PS (let me know if the attached photo 
> 'ppflood.jpeg" is accessable when reading this post from the list,
> thanks)
> Breathless in CNFC-DE,
> Dave
> http://www.stetson.edu/departments/biology/ppflood.jpg