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Invisible Albino Flagfin Shiners?

All I wanted to do after a hard days work was kick back with my Boston
Market entree with the three sides, relax, and check the NFC posts; see
if mysterious Ellasoma-person  had revealed more knowledge of self,
brown darters, etc.  Ahh, there it is, "Ellasoma @aol.com RE: Floridian
Biotope Aquaria/Albino Shiners?"  Press of a button and the next thing I
know is my Melanotaenia trifasciata 'Wonga Creek' rainbow juviniles are
going into a feeding frenzy on spewed ham and I'm choking on what can
only be described as... a piece of rice.

Well, Robert, that was quite an introduction, although I'm just not sure
I could handle an intimate relationship with someone who has a multiple
personality disorder!  (I have a difficult enough time caring for my own
selve{s), let alone caring for you as a person{s).  

Thanks, Sajjad, for your positive comments and for holding out on the
clearing up my confusion, it was perfect.  With Robert being such a
hotdog, guess that explains why he has to spend a least half his
daylight hours in the water!  Maybe he could cut it down to 3 hours per
day if he went in without waders, whatta think?   Naaw, then he wouldn't
ve have as many nice fish to keep us unlucky types supplied with.  

BTW, he claims he can supply me with Brown Darters and Flagfin Shiners,
claims they look real nice, healthy.  Can he be trusted?  I'm not about
to place an order with him until I can verify his claims from others on
the list who may or may not have received his fish.  He sent me  the
enclosed photo of a Floridain Seep "loaded" with  Invisible Albino
Flagfin Shiners in the water about four feet from where he claims he
took the picture.  Anybody else out there had dealings with this guy(s)?
Talk to me.  

PS (let me know if the attached photo 
'ppflood.jpeg" is accessable when reading this post from the list,

Breathless in CNFC-DE,