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Re: Floridian Biotope Aquaria/Albino Sailfin Shiners ?

Bah, I still like my solution. :)  I could use a new modem! :)  

Yep, you sent me the sailfins.  Unfortunately, with the recent move and
change in water (drastically.  My water at home is prety moderate,
basically anything will live allright in it.  Here, the water is as hard
as a rock, hgih in Pb, pH is thru the roof, very low oxygen content...
and so on.  Tastes like crap, have to filter it for drinking) they've not
been doing too well.  Lost all but two. :(  They are a fantastic fish, and
overall very hardy.  Rather ironic to say, but... They came out of the
shipping bags when I got them in perfect condition, with fine colours.
They handled the change to my old water perfectly.  Immediately started
taking any and all foods, shoaling well, and so on.  The fins are
incredibly nice.  Basically, the fish resembles a pencilfish.  The
colours, however, are a lot deper, more vibrant.  The neon striping is
incredible.  The lips are a nice ed colour.   The fish is completely
peaceful, having shared quarters with several different type so f dwarf
cichlids and tetras, onone of which were bothered.  Overall, I have to say
this is a great little fish.  Guess my water and the four hour car move,
though, were a bit more than even the greatest of fish can handle.

  On another note, up
here, 've been able to scope out some fantastic
lookinsg streams and mud-holes that'll surely harbour plenty of fish come

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On Sat, 19 Sep 1998 Ellasoma at aol_com wrote:

> In a message dated 9/19/98 12:56:14 PM Central Daylight Time,
> jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com writes:
> << Done, Robert.
>    Easy solution for this, btw.... why don't you send me your new modem,
>  and I'll give you my 19.2?  
>   >>
> Hmmm......Sounds a lil wrong to me...BTW Why don't you describe those sailfins
> to the list I sent you som e Didnt I ?...