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Re: Floridian Biotope Aquaria/Albino Sailfin Shiners ?

I saw an albino trout in Sequoia State Park...of course I wasn't trying
catch it, but I would have liked to...anyone else seen albinos?


> From: Ellasoma at aol_com
> To: nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: Re: Floridian Biotope Aquaria/Albino Sailfin Shiners ?
> Date: Saturday, September 19, 1998 10:44 AM
> I am Robert Rice ....Live in North Florida My hobbys are body surfing and
> suntanning and I am lookin for someone with a real sense of humor, whos
> and cares for me as a person :)
> Kidding I know itsa not the dating game.....I enjoy those species a lot
> like I said ask the list...they occur in small seepage creeks with good
> vegetation and sandy bottoms you will occassionally catch blackbanded
> madtoms, f. cingulatus, f. escambia and e. zonatum in the creek that I
> the browns and the flagfins in......
> BTW Folks got a new modem and it looks like Juno does not reconize it :)
> please use my ellasoma at aol_com account until further notice and Please
> drop my juno account off the list until further notice....
> ALSO For all you sailfin shiner fans a rainy 4 hours was spent collecting
> AM and got a nice sized goup of sailfins,,...they are all fatter and
> than the ones last month...I also saw what I believe was an albino
> shiner ...I tried and tried to collect him but he kept ducking under a
> bridge....It was a white shiner I was 4 feet away from him and could see
> clearly .........any way I didnt catch him so it can now be called a
> story .....