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Re: Floridian Biotope Aquaria/Albino Sailfin Shiners ?

I am Robert Rice ....Live in North Florida My hobbys are body surfing and
suntanning and I am lookin for someone with a real sense of humor, whos cute
and cares for me as a person :)

Kidding I know itsa not the dating game.....I enjoy those species a lot but
like I said ask the list...they occur in small seepage creeks with good
vegetation and sandy bottoms you will occassionally catch blackbanded darters,
madtoms, f. cingulatus, f. escambia and e. zonatum in the creek that I catch
the browns and the flagfins in......

BTW Folks got a new modem and it looks like Juno does not reconize it :) SOOOO
please use my ellasoma at aol_com account until further notice and Please Josh
drop my juno account off the list until further notice....

ALSO For all you sailfin shiner fans a rainy 4 hours was spent collecting this
AM and got a nice sized goup of sailfins,,...they are all fatter and bigger
than the ones last month...I also saw what I believe was an albino sailfin
shiner ...I tried and tried to collect him but he kept ducking under a
bridge....It was a white shiner I was 4 feet away from him and could see him
clearly .........any way I didnt catch him so it can now be called a fishing
story .....