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Re: Floridian Biotope Aquaria

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998, David Jones wrote (in ref to a post by
Ellasoma at aol_com)
> So, before I call it quits for the night, thought I'd get right back to
> you.  I like your choice of E-mail address - what's your name?  Guess
> you live in Florida, or are you in Kalamazoo, MI and just happen to be
> really into Florida fish - either way I getting pyshced, here.

Ummm ... I think it is because he spends half his daylight time in water! 
And he also lives in FL. I'll let Ellasoma at aol_com to do the rest of the
introduction himself, Dave. Just to confuse you further, there are other
people on this list who live in WI (close to MI :) and are really into
Florida fish. Good guesses and so close to the truth!

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