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Re: Floridian Biotope Aquaria

Now that's what I call a quick response!!  Less than five minutes after
I made the post.  And just what I wanted to hear.  

So, before I call it quits for the night, thought I'd get right back to
you.  I like your choice of E-mail address - what's your name?  Guess
you live in Florida, or are you in Kalamazoo, MI and just happen to be
really into Florida fish - either way I getting pyshced, here.

Thanks for taking interest in my requests, I get the feeling judging
from your message that the Browns and Flagfins are two very nice fish, I
trust your opinion this.  Are you breeding them?
I'm interested in whatever you can tell me about them.  Do the killies,
sunfish, shiners and darters I mentioned ever occurr together in the
same habitat?  This would be the ideal in terms of a biotope

I've got some very nice rainbows and a few neat killies if your

So let's go with it,  I would like to know more about you, your
interests, experiences with said fish and life in the Sunshine State.
(I've actually been there three times, but before I had any interest in
aquatics  - another case of bad timing).

Anyway, let me know what you got!
Goodnight, morning, whatever.