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Auction Results

I am pretty sure these are the winners but if I screwed up please let me
know as I am a bit swamped these days...........................:)

>>item 1 : Skilter 250 protien skimmer and filter together in one !   
>30$    Alan Fuast

>>item 2:  1 8 0z Aqua treatment (removes clorine and metals)
>>              1 8 OZ Waste remover supposed to help remove fish 
>>naturally  7$    Dave HAll ? 

>>item 3  Life Gaurd electronic digital thermometer measures tank and 
>>            plus   A HUGE ASSortment of different fish food OSI 
>>40-50 little 1/4 oz or so sample packs including cichlid, golfish 
>>color up food....... 20$  Josh Wiegert

>>item 4  Hagen Trio 2000 power filter sticks to the inside of your 
>>glass and filters away they work great for darters and other species 
>>like a  low to the ground flow
>>30$    Dave Hall

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