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Re: Okeefenokee


    I have a friend in the Dept. of Fisheries at the Univ. Of Fla.  He is
interested in working on bluehead shiners.  He has worked with a lot
of different fish and could really be helpful.  If the breeders program
can spare some fish, let me know.

    I have been trying to breed bluenose shiners, so far, to no avail.
If you can share any information on bluehead please let me know.


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Subject: Re: Okeefenokee

>Sign me up Robert for half a dozen, if possible, which I will use for
>the Breeder's Program (along with anything else that I get for natives).
>BTW, let me know what you are planning to provide in the next shipment
>to me in terms of species and numbers, along with the cost of the
>shipment and I will send down a check and the shipping box.  BTW, I can
>also send a UPS shipping label that will direct-bill charges to my
>account so you don't have to fuss with the post office folks.  Worked
>great for the shipment that Konrad sent to me.
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>>For all you Pygmy Sunfish fans tommorrow me and the fisheries folks
>>travel about 4 hours to collect some for an upcoming book.Anyway  if
>>have been dieing to get this pygmy put your order in now it is a first
>>come first serve.....
>>Robert Rice
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