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The Exotics Removal Program (ERP) of the Native Fish Conservancy (NFC),
Inc a non profit conservation organization.Announces that it has
discovered significant populations of a very aggressive exotic, the Pike
Livebearer (Belonesox belizianus) in Florida.  This exotic while an
interesting aquarium species does significant damage to our native fish
populations and needs to be removed. Our ERP team has set about removal
of this species. Suitable sized specimens will be sold to Northern
Aquarist while unsuitable specimens will be destroyed. Aquarist
interested in purchasing this unique fish should be aware that the
proceeds from these sales support Conservation projects all across North
America. Including funding the ERP program. Which removes exotic fish
from deep south waterways.  Collected fish will be sold  on a preorder
basis to hobbyists wishing to purchase wild caught,  vibrantly healthy
individuals of this interesting and unusual, but  difficult to acquire
species.  Checks for preordered fish will not be 
cashed until the fish are shipped. Price:  $25 per pair, $35 per trio, 
with a flat $10 per pair/trio shipping/box charge. 

Info on the Pike Livebearer (derived from Lothar Wiscnath's" Atlas of
Livebearers of the World" - this book can be ordered from the Amazon
Books hyperlink at the NFC website, located at 

The Pike Livebearer's native habitat is coastal waterways, inland areas
and brackish environments from Veracruz, Mexico to Nicaragua. Males are
up to 12 cm in length with females up to 20 cm.  Primarily live fish
eaters, but can be trained to take other live foods, such as tubifex
worms or earthworms.  In the wild, they are voracious ambush predators of
gambusia and other small fishes.

They prefer heavily vegetated, moderately sized tanks with moderate water
movement. They are ambush predators.They also frighten easily, so heavy
plantings serve multiple purposes, providing ambush points, security
cover for the adults along with escape cover for fry.  Tank temp should
be around 24-27 degrees C.  These fish are not too fussy on water
conditions.  A good water for these fish will have  medium hardness
(10-12 dH), alkaline, 7.5- 7.8; waters suitable for other livebearers are
OK for pike livebearers also.  They can tolerate salinity in brackish
water systems up to 40 ppt. Worms and other living 
but non-swimming foods should be removed immediately if not eaten, as the
pike livebearer will not pick foods off the bottom.

 Males should only be allowed access to females after the females have
been well fed, or the male may be eaten, due to size differences. Females
have a gestation period of 28 - 30 days dropping 20 to 30 young, which
measure 3.0-3.5 cm.  The constant presence of guppies and other small
livebearers in the tank during delivery and keeping the mother well fed
will decrease the mother's predation on the fry, which should be
separated from the parents ASAP after delivery.   Fry can be fed daphnia,
brine shrimp, guppy fry, small worms, etc.    

Individuals or organizations interested in Joining the NFC or assisting
in the ERP. Please contact NFC at actwin_com or 2213 PRytania Circle Navarre
Florida 32566