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Cute subject!  I like that!

That is great about NPR.  If we really wanted worldwide notice, try to get
someone in Boston area to get NOVA's attention.  <If the idea works, please
make sure I'm on the ERP project when they film and I don't end up on the
cutting room floor!  ;-)  >

By the way, yesterday I ordered three catalogs from a link at NFC website
(Konrad's article on equipment).  On the catalog request form, two of them had
a place for comments.  I didn't check with Robert Rice first (I should have),
but I not only mentioned that I got to their site from the NFC site, but
mentioned NFC was looking for donations for our fund raising auction.  (I gave
Robert's e-mail address for further info).  Hope I didn't screw up any
negotiations Robert has going.  Anyway, with Robert's OK, maybe we should all
do this.  Of course, it would mean more to them if I was actually sending them
money for product.  What does everyone think?

If the idea works, maybe we could have part of the NFC site have links to
suppliers.  We would have more leverage with them when requesting donations.
We surely need to mention NFC when ordering.

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
Indianapolis, Indiana USA